Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Dear Zed

Tis lovely bookcover (which in real is even more beautiful, soft and shiny) I won from Zed
What a incredible surprise came in the post today! This morning I had to order some wool. I was looking at some other fibers like flax and ramie, but then I decided, though it would be nice to experiment with, I had too many projects lying about and I better save the money.

You can imagine how happy I am with your post! Not only the beautiful notebook, but also all the other goodies. Just enough to experiment with ;) Jump! Can't wait to get my hands on them.

Thanks ever so much!


  1. I'm glad you like the notebook and the fibres, Mattie, I hope you have fun with them, I'll look forward to seeing how you use them :)

  2. OOO Lucky you Mattie, Zed makes some gorgeous note book covers, i know i have one to lol have fun xoxo

  3. Hi Mattie

    You won the giveaway of 12x12 papers please can you email me your address to